Preparation is the key towards a successful moving. It doesn’t matter where you want to move. As long as you have the perfect preparation, everything will be fine. A good preparation may include hiring furniture courier service to help you.

Simply said, these people will help you to move your furniture with their delivery services. They’ll transport everything in your furniture collection to your new house safely and quickly. However, they can’t do the job alone. They still need your help and as the one who owns the furniture, it’s your job to make sure they’ll transport everything exactly as you want them to do.

The next question is, how can you actually have them? You don’t necessarily have any technical background on this subject. The company man may be even more qualified than yourself on this particular subject. So, what should you do?

Well, you can begin with following these tips about moving furniture.


Most likely, the furniture courier will transport your furniture in a van. To avoid damage during transport, you need to protect every item. Cardboard sheeting and bubble wrap are perfect for small items. They will protect all four corners of every item from any sharp object and bump.

Some items, like a wardrobe and sofa, are more difficult to handle. You may need to consult with the furniture moving service to decide what’s best with these items. Ask the company whether they can provide strapping and blanket wrapping to protect these items until it arrives at your new house.

Your doors, drawers, and any other furniture with moveable parts also need your attention. If you don’t protect them well, you can move all the moveable parts once the van hit the road. I won’t take that risk if I were you mostly because these parts are usually small and they can be difficult to find once you lost them. So, unless you want to waste your money to replace the lost parts, why don’t you protect them beforehand?

These items may be a little bothersome, but if you know the trick, everything will be fine. You just have to strap and tape them firmly. These things will keep all these small items from coming loose before reaching your new house. If you need to disassemble the items before sending them, make sure you have all nails and/or screws sealed in a bag. Give an ID to the bag, so you won’t misplace it for something else. Next, attach the bag securely right next to your furniture. See? Now, the small items won’t fall even if it gets loose during transport.



After you have wrapped all the furniture, make a note of its actual size (height, width, and length). Not only this will help the courier to offer the best van for the transport, but also protect your furniture from bumps. The next thing you need to get done is checking the company’s policy for heavy items. Some companies, even the new ones, sometimes apply specific terms regarding heavy items. Find out as much as you can about their policy and make sure it serves your need. If you can’t find any, maybe some customer’s reviews can help you. These are the best reviews where you can get honest opinions about courier service.


The most important tip in moving your furniture is hiring the courier you can trust. It is very important because they will be responsible for your furniture. All professional couriers always include insurance with their service to ensure the safety of your furniture. However, there are some bad companies who want to trick you with fake insurance. For this reason, you need to learn all the terms carefully. It may take some time, but it is always worth for your stuff.

Only after you are sure the companies provided everything you need for your furniture, you can hire the company to move your stuff. Make sure they carefully manage your item. All items need to be clearly labelled, measured, and packaged. Don’t hesitate to ask even the tiniest details to the service company if you are curious about their service. Do not let any of your questions unanswered. You deserve for the best, so choose only the best.

Need Furniture Assembly as well?

Just let us know your needs while placing the order and your purchase will arrive at your doorstep along with our qualified Assembly Techs who will be happy to put your furniture together for you.