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Furniture assembly tips

Our company specializes on assembly services. Furniture assembly and installation is our specialty and we know everything about it! Our Installers assemble any types of furniture for very reasonable prices!

In this topic we also going to share our experience with you and give you some tips. Everything to make you understand the full furniture assembly process from A to Z!

Well, furniture assembly is actually simple. As long as you follow these steps, you won’t get lost. The following points will answer your 2 biggest questions about furniture assembly: how to assemble furniture? How much does furniture assembly cost?

Assembled IKEA PAX wardrobe in bedroom
IKEA assembly service


First  you need to know to get the job done. Our technicians recommend you to get measurements of your space where you want to install the furniture. This will help to understand what type and size of furniture you need to buy. Don’t forget to clear the room and make you have enough space for the job.


Get rigt tools

Right tools are the key for furniture assembly. Without them, you will not be able to assemble/install your products. So, get the tools that you need for the job. You can get this information from the product manual or on the internet. Some tricky stuff needs pricey tools and you can spend a lot of time (if you don’t have an experience) to put them together.  So in this case we highly recommend you to use our service because all our technicians have 10+ years of experience and we can assure you that they have all necessary tools for any furniture!

Follow the instruction

Every manufacturer puts the installation manual into they’re products. They usually  put instructions inside the box. You need to follow every step that you see in the manual. This is very important if you want to save your time and don’t screw up the product. Otherwise you can always use our help!

Don't Rush

All Furniture products are  unique. They are not always look like you saw them on the picture. Many people wants to turn their furniture by customizing it into something completely different. You can do it, too. Don’t be afraid. But if you don’t have any technical background and simply don’t have a time for doing so, our company always glad to help you!

Use your creativity

Assembling of the flat-pack furniture is not that simple as many people think. You need to focus on the instruction and assembly process or you can simply lose your time doing so. Don’t rush because you can turn everything into a mess. Take your time and focus on every tiny details to make sure everything is right. Overall assembly will give you some simple advices to make your job easier:

  • Assemble in the right place. This is very important to assemble your furniture in the room where it will be used especially for heavy pieces. Otherwise you risk to damage walls and floors during any moves
  • Open up the box carefully because knifes or box cutters can damage your furniture. Then use the box to protect your floors during assembly
  • Don’t forget about instructions! Read them well  to understand the process of what you will be doing.
  • After unpacking you need to identify all the parts. Then group similar pieces together. That’s also will help to save your time

These handy tips will make your furniture assembly process much easier. And if you want to know the best secret to assembling furniture without suffering – Leave it to the professionals! Our company always glad to help you with our Furniture assembly service!

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